Presentation Road Residential Development, Galway

The project involves the construction of 7 residential units strategically located in close proximity to Galway City Centre. These units will cater to the increasing demand for quality housing options within the urban core, offering convenience and accessibility to residents while contributing to the city’s housing stock.
The residential units are designed to meet modern living standards, featuring contemporary architectural design and layout. Each unit will offer a comfortable living space tailored to accommodate diverse household needs, ranging from single individuals to families. The design prioritizes functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, ensuring a high-quality living experience for residents.
Situated in close proximity to Galway City Centre, the project benefits from excellent connectivity to key amenities, public transportation networks, and employment centers. The strategic location enhances the project’s appeal, offering residents easy access to shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreational facilities within walking distance.
Associated Site Works: In addition to the construction of the residential units, the project includes various associated site works aimed at enhancing the overall functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability of the development.

Client: Mr Shaun Hennelly
Value: €1.9M
Size: 800 m2
Stage/Date: Completed 2019
Architect: O’Neill O’Malley

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