6 Hanover Quay, Dublin City

120 apartments over 8 storeys, as well as restaurant, gym and cafe space
Architect: Mc Cauley Daye O’Connell (MDO)
Size: 13,000 m2

Project Overview: This ambitious project entails the construction of a modern high-rise development comprising 120 apartments spread across 8 storeys. In addition to the residential component, the development features commercial amenities including a restaurant, gym, and cafe space. Situated in a prominent location, this project aims to redefine urban living by offering a blend of upscale residential accommodation and vibrant commercial offerings.

Residential Apartments: The 120 apartments are designed to cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences, ranging from cozy studios to spacious multi-bedroom units. Each apartment is meticulously planned to optimize space, functionality, and comfort, with contemporary design elements and high-quality finishes throughout. Residents will enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding cityscape, while amenities such as balconies or terraces may provide outdoor living spaces.

High-rise Architecture: The development’s architectural design emphasizes verticality and sleek modern aesthetics, reflecting the dynamic urban landscape of its surroundings. The 8-storey structure features a distinctive facade characterized by clean lines, glass elements, and architectural accents, contributing to the city’s skyline while creating a visually striking presence.
Commercial Amenities: In addition to the residential component, the development incorporates commercial amenities aimed at enhancing the overall lifestyle experience for residents and attracting visitors from the surrounding community.

These amenities include:
Restaurant: A stylish and inviting dining venue offering a diverse menu of culinary delights. Whether residents seek a casual brunch spot, an elegant dinner destination, or a vibrant social gathering place, the on-site restaurant provides a convenient and enticing dining option.
Gym: A state-of-the-art fitness facility equipped with modern exercise equipment, group fitness studios, and wellness amenities. Residents have access to professional fitness services and personalized training programs, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle within the comfort of their own building.
Cafe Space: A cozy and inviting cafe space serving premium coffee, light bites, and refreshments. Whether residents desire a morning pick-me-up, a leisurely afternoon coffee break, or a casual meeting spot with friends, the on-site cafe provides a welcoming atmosphere for relaxation and socialization.
Community Engagement: The development serves as more than just a residential complex; it fosters a sense of community by providing opportunities for social interaction, recreation, and cultural enrichment. Common areas, such as landscaped courtyards, communal lounges, and event spaces, encourage residents to connect and engage with one another, creating a vibrant and cohesive neighborhood atmosphere.
Sustainability and Innovation: The project integrates sustainable design principles and innovative technologies to minimize environmental impact and enhance energy efficiency. Features such as green roofs, solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and water-saving fixtures contribute to resource conservation and environmental stewardship, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable development.
In summary, the development of 120 apartments over 8 storeys, coupled with restaurant, gym, and cafe space, represents a landmark project that redefines urban living in Galway. By seamlessly blending upscale residential accommodation with vibrant commercial amenities, the project creates a dynamic and desirable destination that enriches the city’s cultural, social, and economic fabric.

Completed: 2018
Client: Cairn Homes
Value: €25m

6 Hanover Quay
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