Lower Careys Road Social Housing, Limerick

Residential Development, Lower Careys Road, Limerick
Outline Description of services: Construction of 11 No. Social Housing Units & Associated Site Development and External works.
The social housing project for Limerick City & County Council aims to address the pressing need for affordable and secure housing for vulnerable individuals and families in the community. The project involves the construction of 11 social housing units, providing safe and dignified accommodation for those in need. In addition to the residential component, the project encompasses associated site development and external works to ensure the seamless integration of the new housing units within the existing urban fabric.

The 11 social housing units are designed to meet the specific needs of residents while adhering to the highest standards of safety, accessibility, and comfort. The units are configured to accommodate individuals, couples, and families of varying sizes, with a mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and possibly three-bedroom dwellings. Each unit is equipped with essential amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, and bedrooms, providing residents with a secure and functional living environment.

The project emphasizes the importance of community integration and social inclusion, fostering a sense of belonging and support among residents. Common areas and communal spaces within the housing development encourage social interaction, networking, and community engagement, creating a supportive environment where residents can build connections and access vital support services.

In addition to the construction of the housing units, the project includes associated site development to enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability of the development. Site development activities include:
Landscaping and Green Spaces
Accessible Infrastructure
Utilities and Services

Client: Limerick City & County Council
Value: €2.2m
Completion: 2021

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