Abbott Diagnostics

Concurrent schedule of multiple projects for Abbott Diagnostics in Co. Sligo. Abbott Diagnostics is a medical diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals multinational company. Their production facility in Co. Sligo required a large number of projects, which CuddyQS provided a full range of quanity surveying services on.
Projects Included:

 Abbott Alinity Line
The project involves the construction of a Clean Room
Extension to the existing Abbott Ireland Plant at Finisklin Road, Rathedmond, Sligo
Abbott Kickpack  
The project involves the construction of proposed new Cleanroom to Non-Classified Standard, mechanical, electrical and associated structural works, as well as the upgrading of existing equipment store and janitors store at Abbott Diagnostics Division (ADD) at Finisklin Road, Sligo.
Abbott Still FEP  
This Project has gone through a comprehensive ADD Front-End Plan Study to ascertain the viability of the project. To service manufacturing demand, ADD Sligo needed to increase Distilled Water (DW) generation from 112 L/min to 218 L/min. To support DW still generation, DW storage capacity was increased from 42,000 L to 70,000 L to support periodic peak demand. A new circa 270m2 Mechanical Room was required to accommodate the placement and integration of the new DW Still, DW Storage Tank, Pre-treatment System and Boiler upgrades.
Abbott ADD Sligo Kitpack 3 & Filler Line 2
To facilitate present and future market demand of their blood screening products, Abbott Diagnostic Division (ADD) increased existing production and packaging operations in the facility on Finisklin Road, Co. Sligo, Ireland. To accommodate this, an upgrade to the existing filling and packaging process was designed and constructed, including facility and utility upgrades
Triton FEP Sligo
The installation of a new Liquid Waste Storage Tanks within the existing Abbott Ireland Diagnostics Division facility, Finisklin Business Park, Sligo. The main construction works will include scaffolding, installation of construction boundaries, excavation of floors, installation of below ground Triton waste pipework, drainage, water supply pipes, electrical ducts, tank farm construction, road and hard-standings construction, minor landscaping, finishing of floors and walls disturbed and accommodating of installation of a loading arm platform
Triton FEP Weisbaden
Abbott Diagnostic Division, Wiesbaden has requested that Dolmen Engineering carry out a Front-End Plan (FEP) to investigate options for the segregation and containment of all TritonX (4-tert-OPnEO) from contact equipment and drains.
Abbott Tanks 5 & 6
Front End Plan (FEP) to investigate the optimum solution for above and release an interim report (phase 1) to allow the RCE to be processed. Determining the location of the first (and second) manufacturing tank,
as well as confirming the size of the first tank, forms the first phase of the Capacity Upgrade FEP.
Abbott Salt Dispenser
This project involved the reconfiguration of the existing facility via the construction of a salt dispenser room in existing warehouse space. All works built within the boundaries of the existing Abbott facility.
Abbott External Chillers
This project includes the enabling works for the installation of external chillers and appropriate containers for same. All works built within the boundaries of the existing Abbott facility.
Abbott 4ml Cal and Control Filter
Gate 2 and 3 FEP Cost Plan for facilities and utilities upgrade for the CAL and Control Filler installation at Abbott Ireland, Finisklin Road, Rathedmond, Sligo.
Abbott ADD Sodium Azide Feasibility Study
This project involves the construction of a new bunded tank area and ancillary works. All works are to be built within the boundaries of the existing Abbott facility.