Sensational Kids, Kildare

The project involves the construction of a single storey building (in part double height) together with associated site works. The gross floor area of the proposed development is 1,654 m2 (17,804 ft2).
Client: Sensational Kids
Architect: eml Architects
C&S Engineer: Garland
Services Engineer: Varming Consulting Engineers
Quantity Surveyor: CuddyQS
Commencing on Site: May 2024
Expected Duration: 16 Months

About Sensational Kids (

Providing affordable, accessible and timely intervention services, such as occupational therapy, speech & language therapy, and play therapy.

Sensational Kids is an award-winning social enterprise, that has already changed the lives of over 10,000 children, saving their families over €2.5 million in therapy fees. We provide vital front-line therapeutic supports for children with additional needs, ensuring that these children in need have access to vital supports when and where they need them.
With 86,000 children on waiting lists for speech therapy & occupational therapy our services are a lifeline for families whose children would otherwise be waiting 3-4 years to access services and would lose the opportunity for timely intervention and better outcomes for their children.

Sensational Kids is a high impact not-for-profit organisation delivering life-changing, accessible and affordable, timely interventions to 10,000+ children of all abilities over the last 10 years, saving their families over €2.5 million in therapy fees.

CEO, Karen Leigh is the founding member of Sensational Kids. Having experienced lengthy waiting lists and a lack of affordable and accessible occupational therapy services for her own children, Karen founded Sensational Kids in 2007, bridging the gap between public and private therapy services for children of all abilities.

Today Sensational Kids employs 30+ staff, including a highly skilled clinical team across our child development centres in Kildare, Mayo, Monaghan and West Cork, providing vital supports such as occupational therapy, speech & language therapy, play therapy and hippotherapy.

Sensational Kids is Ireland’s leading non-profit provider of affordable and accessible early intervention services for children with additional needs in Ireland.