Procurement, Tendering & Contract Procedure

Private Contracts

Cuddy QS have considerable experience in advising of the appropriate procurement routes or contract to be implemented on projects. Considerations like time; cost certainty; buildable quality; specialist input; operational requirements; and financing are just some areas that influence any decision in this process. Regardless of the procurement route chosen, cost control is maintained throughout the course of the project, giving our Client the flexibility to choose a method most suited to their requirements. Methods include the traditional method of tendering; two-stage tendering; negotiated contracts; management contracts; design and build contracts; GMPS etc.

GCCC Contracts

Cuddy QS has considerable experience in working under the GCCC Contracts, from PWCF-1 to PWCF-5 (Short Form). We have worked on social housing schemes, through commercial fit-out and upgrades up to large public works including a 56,000ft2 LEED Gold Office Project and a large industrial project for GE of 59,200ft2 of production & office space in 2015/16, all under public procurement rules.