CuddyQS Graduate Programme


At CuddyQS, we are currently offering exciting opportunities for driven Trainee Quantity Surveyors who are eager to progress in their careers and attain professional accreditation.

When you become a part of our team at CuddyQS, you will play an essential role in a close-knit, dynamic group that engages directly with clients and handles diverse projects across all stages of development.

Our education-centred atmosphere is designed to provide you with the skills to develop a successful career within the Industry. You will have access to a multitude of internal and external resources, fostering your growth and aiding you in attaining the professional accreditation you aspire to achieve.

Why CuddyQS?

At CuddyQS, our mission is built upon three fundamental objectives: to establish unwavering trust with our clients, to function as an enthusiastic team player, and to be a company that enhances the lives of our valued team members.

We firmly believe that these objectives are interdependent and cannot be attained in isolation. We are dedicated to the idea that achieving excellence in your work, within a positive and collaborative environment, should also lead to the enrichment of your personal and professional life.

If your aspirations align with the pursuit of exceptional work, a culture of teamwork, and personal enrichment, then we are indeed a well-suited match for your career journey at CuddyQS.

What CuddyQS Can Offer You.

CuddyQS is a forward-thinking consultancy firm with Irish ownership, specializing in cost management, project management, and a diverse range of specialized consultancy services. Our firm operates from strategic locations in Limerick, Tralee and Galway.

At CuddyQS, your role as a valued team member is pivotal. You’ll become an integral part of our close-knit and dynamic team, working under the guidance of our dedicated owner-director, and benefiting from the expertise of associate directors and seasoned chartered quantity surveyors.

Your journey with us will be rich and varied, as you’ll engage with a wide spectrum of projects, gaining hands-on experience across all phases – from initial feasibility studies to finalizing project accounts. We prioritize client interaction and involvement, ensuring you play a substantial role in delivering cost management services across the board.

At CuddyQS, we take immense pride in our well-established reputation for delivering top-quality training. Our most valuable training approach involves immersing you in client service within a nurturing and knowledge-driven environment.

To complement this immersive experience, we offer an array of options for continuous professional development. Collaboration is at our core, and we actively foster an environment where knowledge and experience are openly shared for the benefit of everyone on the team. We actively endorse and support external training at all career stages, whether it’s to refine specialized skills or explore new horizons. Our team members have pursued diverse qualifications, such as Master’s Degrees, Secondary Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and many other certifications.

At CuddyQS, we place a high premium on equality and diversity. We have intentionally crafted a workplace that fosters a sense of belonging and encourages individuals to express themselves authentically.

Our inclusive environment is designed to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, feels comfortable and valued. We believe that embracing diverse perspectives and experiences enriches our organization and makes us stronger as a team.

If you are ambitious and enthusiastic, you will find a welcoming home here at CuddyQS, where your unique contributions and talents are celebrated.

Send an email to containing an introduction letter and your CV to enquire about our opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!